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Week 2 discussion 2

Confrontational vs. Cooperative Models

Compare the confrontational and cooperative police labor-management models. What organizational circumstances are necessary for each model to be successful? What organizational or community situations make one model more appropriate than the other? Which model do you prefer?  


The confrontational model on police labor and management has its place in policing. According to the reading Chief Oliver needed to utilize this method to overhaul the Detroit Police Department. He based his argument on the department’s lack of discipline, professionalism, and lack of efficient policing.  Furthermore the model on confrontation where the police chief makes the changes he wants and relies on his years of experience to guide their decisions, after all  in the words of Chief Oliver he is ultimately responsible for the actions of the department. In this particular case where there hasn’t been an outside hire for the Detroit Department since 1968, I see fit to utilize this model to make the drastic and much needed changes to the police department. There will always be individuals who dislike change, however it sometime is needed.

The other model based on cooperation is a fantastic model to utilize as well. Chief Hurtt describes the necessity for the unions and police management to work together in a department. Mainly due to the reason that causing confrontation between the two parts, will only cause frustration and make the public look down on the police department. He goes on to explain that the public doesn’t care what the fight is about between the police management and the union; all the public cares about is, are they being taken care of and as a public service such as policing the public is right in this aspect.

After reading each of the two models I believe they both have their policing in policing. What doesn’t belong is senseless confrontation that diminishes the public’s faith in a departments abilities. If a chief has a top notch department, you would be foolish to dismiss their thought on developing the future of the department. If you are given a department in bad shape, you must become a leader and fix the issues.  

DeLord, R., & Sanders, J. (2006, August). Police labor-management relations (vol. I): Perspective and practical solution for implementing change, making reforms, and handling crisis for managers and union leaders. U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. Retrieved from http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/files/ric/Publications/e07063417.pdf

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