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As this term has progressed, I hope you have found that there are similarities among all the speeches. Historically speaking, we come from the tradition started by the Puritanical Preachers at the birth of the country. It has evolved and spliced itself into political speech in a way that is hard to deny. As stated last week, passion is the largest need for effective communicators but passion is not enough. Communicating is not hard but it takes a lot of hard work and it must be done intentionally.

As you will see in the video you are going to watch this week, Simon Sinek has codified how all great leaders communicate.

On top of that, you will watch a second video that discusses how movements are created.

I combined these two because the 20th century was one that was specifically defined by movements. As mass communication became prevalent and as it became possible to affect change on a larger scale more easily, this made communication more important than ever. The question was no longer, how to get the message how but, rather, how to present it. Even our political leaders had to change their approach as evidenced by Roosevelt’s “Fireside Chats.”

You see the communication starts to shift from politician to politician to politician to the public. This is important.


How great leader inspire action


Watch above 2 video, and reading the attached speech. The analyze this speech by following below requirement:

1. Use the videos to help analyze the speech you chose to read this week.

2. First discuss how the speech fits the Golden Circle theory and then look for examples of how the speaker embraces followers to encourage a movement.

3. There is not a page limit on this analysis but make sure the font is 12 pt, Times-New Roman or Arial, with one inch margins, and correct grammar. For every grammatical mistake I find, I will subtract 3 points.

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