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should texas decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana 1- College Paper Lab |

I need a 250 words for this topic ” Should Texas decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana? “

and a 100 words a replay to one of my classmates ….. this:

I do think Texas should decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, but why not just get it over with and legalize it. Every time I hear about this topic it gets compared to alcohol and I believe that is a fair comparison. I would not say one is worse than the other. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism stated that 14.4 million adults ages 18 and older had Alcohol use disorder. In Texas, you can also drink under 21 if you are with a parent. Alcoholism has also caused deaths on the roads, and marijuana has no deaths accounted for it.

A total of 33 states have legalized marijuana for medical use and 11 have legalized recreational use. This has grown and I soon believe that eventually, Marijuana will become legalized across the US. I personally don’t see the problem with this so-called drug. Alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco can all be considered a drug. They have been justified as not being seen as harmful to society but marijuana somehow is considered bad.

Here is Participation Topic #4: Should Texas decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana?

The repercussions Texans face for possessing small amounts of pot — something several states no longer consider criminal — can all depend on where in the state they live. Some lawmakers want an across-the-board relaxation of criminal charges. But stigma fuels lingering opposition.

A good bit of background material is available at the Texas Tribune.

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–Milton, Aeropagitica, 1643

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