Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

In the first two weeks, we focused on personality theories based on stages of development and the relationship of the individual with others. This week, the focus shifts to the influence of genetics on personality. It is common to see physical similarities among family members. For example, they may have the same complexion or eye color. But what about personality?

  • Do you believe personality traits are inherited? In terms of personality, what is meant by ‘nature versus nurture’? How does Evolutionary Psychology explain individuals’ personalities and behaviors? Is there a benefit to explaining human behavior with integrated theories of nature and nurture?


Respond to the following in a minimum of 100 words:

(1)I do absolutely believe some personality traits are inherited. Some families you can see trends of behavioral issues or even mental issues like learning disability, short tempers, and others things that are passed down from families. Anything that the brain is affected by goes towards someone’s personality. The brain is the control center for any type of anything especially when it comes to a person’s personality. I see tons of traits I have been passes down from my mother. Biological theories is relatively new to the personality theories.

(2)Nurture vs nature, nurture is based around a person’s experiences while growing up and those experiences contribute to their personality while nature is from genetics or hereditary factors that also are the foundation of their personality.

(4)When analyzing some human behavior revolving around nature vs nurture you may be able to offer help to those who need it more than other. For PSTD for instance, analyzing the nurturing side of what they have been through affects and causes the PTSD and therapies can be offered. Even you can examine a serial killers nature and find relates instances from other serial killers and find connections a serial killer may be stopped. Far fetched examples but they work!

(3) According to (Cloninger) Evolutionary psychology”has produced a human species with genetically based characteristics that affect personality and social behavior. The fundamental assumption is that genetic variations that enhance reproductive success become more frequent over generations as a result of natural selection”

Evolutionary theory is supported by famous and well know scientist, Charles Darwin. Evolutionary theory involves hereditary characteristics, variation between individuals, and reproductive success . It supports successful curvival and adaptation over time passes abut from ancestries.


Cloninger, Susan. “Theories of Personality: Understanding Persons.” Cloninger, Susan. Theories of Personality: Understanding Persons. University of Phoenix, n.d. 167.


Respond to the following in a minimum of 100 words:

Yes, I do believe that personality traits are inherited. They come from the genes. Yet, I also believe that some personality traits are developed throughout life according to the choices and decisions we make. The five big personality traits are openness to experience. We react and behave quite a bit from going through our own personal experiences. However, there are times when we may have allowed ourselves to be put in situations. Those that are agreeable are usually being kind, sympathetic and happy to help. Conscientiousness is when we like to do things ahead of time. We like to plan ahead and not be spontaneous. On the extroversion side, we are talkative energetic and sociable. Then there is (the weak side of us). We show how vulnerable or worried we are.

Nurture refers to personal experience or behaviorism. It can come from your childhood and how you were brought up. Nature comes from the genes. Its a physical or personality trait, we are born and raised from.

Evolutionary Psychology explain behavior from our thoughts responses and emotions. Personality wise, its focuses on what it takes to survive.

Both are required to function at almost any given time. They are both beneficial. It depends on the environment, genes and current circumstances.

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