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Select a “descriptive” research topic that you will focus on during this term related to thisclass. This is the start of your research paper which is due toward the end of the semester so you can develop a sense of mastery, competency and expertise on one compensation and employee benefits topic.

Note that you can voluntarily team up with another person in the class who has the same research interest as you to conduct this assignment and the final paper together…as this is thestart of the final research paper for the class. Also, as a team of two, you can select and coordinate to present a relevant chapter that most relates to your research.

For this assignment, explain the rationale and reasons for why your selected topic is important and provide 3 or more possible sources along with complete references that will be used for this research (course textbooks can be part of the sources, if relevant). Overall, as an introduction for this compensation and/or benefits project, you need to describe the topic of your research, its importance, and its potential consequences for employee recruitment, retention, motivation, and performance.

Topics could include anything related to compensation, rewards, and employee benefits, including (but not limited to): base wages, utilizing incentives to drive performance, incentives payouts, health coverage, wellness programs, Department of Labor rulings, employee benefits, FMLA, total rewards, etc. Your goal is to develop this topic incrementally over the coming weeks.

This assignment should include your cover page, followed by the “descriptive title”, the introduction and rationale, content or literature from 2-3 sources (2-3 pages), and finally references. Provide all the content and sources in APA format. This assignment can be about3-5 pages.

Note that this assignment can be strategically coordinated for verbatim usage in the final project.

In your paper summary and discussion, include the following under relevant Headings / Subheadings:

  1. Cover page with a descriptive title of research
  2. The key points of 2-3 sources or articles related to this research
  3. Relevance of the topic to compensation and employee benefits.
  4. What you have learned so far? What else needs to be researched over the coming weeks?
  5. References / Sources (all in the APA Style).

As part of your introduction and rationale, explain how your research will relate to one or more of the following course learning outcomes (LO):

  1. Explaining the concepts of salary administration and application of compensation programs in the business environment
  2. Understanding effective salary and wage structures in organizations today.
  3. Evaluate the difference Total Rewards programs can make in organizations.
  4. Develop a basic aptitude in compensation and reward systems through class discussion,group exercises, active participation and completion of term projects and papers.
  5. Recognize various reward systems, their relationship and connection to a totalcompensation and benefits philosophy, and how they impact the quality of work life andproductivity organizations.
  6. Assess the practical issues in compensation and employee benefits, using the experiences,group projects and situations discussed in class to assess pragmatic alternatives, and review compensation in light of a company’s management philosophy and human resources strategies.
  7. Explain the relationship between performance evaluation methods and reward systems.
  8. Discuss the legal aspects of compensation, benefits and performance appraisals.
  9. Discuss employee benefits and benefits management.
  10. Understand the administration of medical plans, pension planning, and executive perks.
  11. Discuss the impact of a global marketplace on Total Rewards.

This is a developmental assignment. This research and writing can be part of your final paper for this class. Also, it can be related to the “Chapter” presentation topics….if you are able topick a chapter that relates to your research paper.

The following is the recommended rubric for the research paper.

Grade Rubric Guide


Focused “descriptive” title / topic


Relevant literature on the compensation / employee benefits topic


Rationale for the topic and its relationship to compensation / employee benefits topic


Learning points, link to course Exit Competencies, Summary, and References


APA format, writing clarity, etc.




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