replies needed with citation from bridges not walls 1- College Paper Lab |

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replies needed with citation from bridges not walls 1- College Paper Lab |

Kaci Arnold

Forum 2 (Bridges Not Walls)

In the book Bridges Not Walls our identity changes based on who we are with and what our roles are within that moment. Identity is defined as “social expectations” (Stewart et al. 2012). Our Identity is fluid and it can fluctuate based on what role we are playing.

Something that I find interesting about this, is that it seemingly defies temperament types which suggests that people fall into specific categories which define what general behavioral characteristics are. After watching the video its obvious that the women in the video is giving off a false pretense of her life now. To me it seems like she is just not ready for her chat room friends / pen pals know about her accident. Because online she is still able to be the person she use to be before the accident and before she lost mobility in her legs. She is in denial about what has happened and when she is online she is still able to be the women that she once was.

Second reply:

Marcia Jimenez

Forum 2: Identity


Hello Everyone,

Identity can be defined as the features that characterize every individual. It includes how a person behaves and expresses. Also personality traits or gestures that people make are part of their identity. However, in the essay “Constructing Identities”, the authors have a different point of view on what identity is. They define identity as relational, multidimensional, and changing. (Stewart, Zedikar & Witteborn, 2012). In order to explain this concept, they identify 4 elements included in the identity process. Human beings are responders, which means that any behavior is a result of past or present relationships. They also say that identities can be avowed and ascribed. (Stewart, Zedikar & Witteborn, 2012).

In presentation scenario 1, Alia and Cheryl just met and they are constructing identities. This presentation shows us a typical case of avowed and ascribed identities. It shows us how Cheryl assigned herself an identity and act it out, and ascribed to Alia a stereotyped origin and religious identity. (Liberty University, 2010a).

In presentation scenario 2, the teacher did not take the time to investigate the situation, but blamed Colen for the incident with the other two students. In the library, Colen’s identity started changing along the conversation with the empathic man, who was open and disclosed about his difficult experience. (Liberty University, 2010b). Duck and McMahan state that “self or identity is a social construction and we do our identity with others”. (Stewart, 2012).

In presentation scenario 3, Julie is facing the issue of hiding the true situation. Stewart describes that people can experience embarrassment when their behavior does not match with their identity or with the personality or status they want to present to others. (Liberty University, 2010c). In Julie’s case, the issue should be worst every time she has to talk with her friend. Since a lie deals to another, every time will be more difficult for her to keep inventing stories and excuses. (Stewart, 2012).

Human beings develop our identity during communicating with others in everyday practices. This process at the same time allow us to evaluate each other identities. That is way communication and reflecting during communicating is so important. Reflecting leave less room for misunderstanding and ascribing identities. (Stewart, 2012).


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