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problem write up math 101- College Paper Lab |

1. Consider the savings plan you developed for yourself in the discussion board. How much did you determine you will need to save each month? You do not need to report the calculations again, but simply restate your conclusion.

2. With the savings plan you developed in the discussion, the monthly payments might be difficult to maintain or to pay at all. Suppose you decide to wait 4 more years until you retire. What are your monthly payments with this plan?

3. Now, suppose you can find an account that earns 4.2% interest instead. How does that change your monthly payments? (You choose how long until you retire in this question). 4. Interpret your calculated results and state some relevant conclusions.

Keep the following in mind to maximize credit for your write-up:

  1. Review the rubric your instructor will use to score your work. (See Evaluation Criteria below).
  2. Answer all parts of the problem.
  3. Write your solution in your own words. Show your justification for every step in your solution, using clear, mathematically accurate language. You can use phrases to explain your reasoning from step to step, but clearly state your final conclusions using complete English sentences (for example, “Jill needs to add 43 gallons of water to her pool”).
  4. Label all numbers with the units they represent (e.g., 0.3048 ft/meter).
  5. Type your write-up in MS Word and try to use the Equation Editor so that your equations are clear.
    1. The video How to use Equation Editor in Microsoft Office (Links to an external site.) is a good tutorial. For this course, it is sufficient to watch segments 0:00-5:00 and 9:50-12:00. To cancel units, you can use the MS Word strikethrough feature (circled in blue below). Select what you want to cross out, and then click the strikethrough.
      image of MS Word strikethrough feature circled in blue
      28 yards times (0.9144 meters / 1 yard) = 25.6 meters. Both instances of the unit “yards” is crossed out to indicate cancellation.
    2. This level of typesetting is also acceptable:
      (28 yards) x 0.9144 meters/ 1 yards = 25.6 meters

Compose your work in a .doc or .docx file type using a word processor (such as Microsoft Word, etc.) and save it frequently to your computer. For those assignments that are not written essays and require uploading images or PowerPoint slides, please follow uploading guidelines provided by your instructor.

Check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors. When you are ready to submit your work, click “Upload Submission.” Enter the submission title and then click on “Select a file to upload.” Browse your computer, and select your file. Click “Open” and verify the correct file name has appeared next to Submission File. Click on “Continue.” Confirm submission is correct and then click on “Accept Submission & Save.”

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