MT3594 Kaplan Advertising Promotions Integrated Marketing Communication Strategies Paper

Business Finance

The following Course Outcome is assessed in this assignment:

MT359-4: Formulate a Public Relations plan for an event or cause.

Produce a Public Relations Event

For this Assignment you are going to design a public relations plan for your course product in association with an event or cause. You may use sponsorship marketing or cross-promotions for the product brand.

Select an event or cause that matches the product’s market strategy. If you do not have an event available, go to the websites below and select some type of event you believe would work for your product. Complete the plan using the template provided in Course Documents for Unit 6 Assignment.

Review the following websites:

These are the key areas within event planning. The following three headings should be considered when completing the assignment template found in Course Documents under “Unit 6 Assignment.”

Product Overview:

  1. Product description and brand positioning
  2. Product target market
  3. Publics Affected by the Product and Company
  4. Public Relations Objective

Connection with Event:

  1. Positive image-building activity for the product
  2. Relationship between product and activity
  3. How does participation with this event support public relations objectives?
  4. What potential threats may there be? What contingency plan is there for this potential?


  1. How will you plan to measure the results of participating with this event?

Review the complete Unit 6 Assignment details and rubric.


Each of the following entities within the distribution channel may require an incentive to purchase a product to move it along the channel.

  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Retail buyers
  • Salespersons in retail stores
  • Customers

For each of the above entities:

  1. Select a product that might flow through the entire channel. You may use a single product that would move through all the entities in a single channel or a different product for each entity.
  2. Discuss a strategic objective for each entity in which a sales promotion may be strategically used. You will want an objective that helps move the product through each entity along the channel. This may mean a different objective for each entity or one that includes them all.
  3. Select and describe the sales promotion tactic you will use for each entity to reach your strategic objectives for that entity.
  4. How long might each sales promotion tactic work? Explain your answer.

Review the complete Unit 7 Assignment 1 details and rubric.


From manufacturer to consumer, a product moves through a distribution channel. There are two major strategic decisions a manufacturer makes concerning how to promote moving products through the channel. Both push and pull strategies need to be considered as part of an IMC plan for promotions.

Choose a product, or use your course product, and consider both a push strategy and a pull strategy. Answer the following in a 500-word paper.

  1. Describe the distribution channel for your chosen product.
  2. For a push strategy, which sales promotion tactic might you want to use? Why?
  3. For a pull strategy, which sales promotion tactic might you want to use? Why?
  4. Would you consider using both tactics? Explain possible problems of using only one tactic, and explain possible problems of using both tactics.

Review the complete Unit 7 Assignment 2 details and rubric.

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