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mha668 discussion reply 1 4 2- College Paper Lab |

  1. Charissa

Poor quality healthcare can have many factors. I feel, that if one doesn’t have the correct devices, the quality and execution for medicinal services suppliers decays. There can likewise be occasions where the proper apparatuses are not accessible to upgrade the exhibition. A presentation report is something driven by the supervisor or somebody of power to show that the assets are being spent suitably and that the specialist is equipped in their work. Proverbs 27:17 KJV states, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” When leaders become aware of the issues it is vital to help better the worker and make their weaknesses stronger. Having all the tools to accommodate the quality of care is essential to performance quality. Data is needed to ensure quality measurements. According to Sadeghi, Mikhail, and Shabot (2013), chart reviews, coding of diagnoses and procedure/billing codes, and recording data as an everyday task, are some of the best ways to identify the quality of care (P.107).

Truly, low-quality human services can be because of lacking execution announcing. There are occurrences that the reports are not generally as solid as the executives accept. According to Sadeghi, Mikhail, and Shabot (2013), “Identification of measures that accurately link a process to an outcome, even in safety, has proved to be more difficult than anticipated. “(P.94). Quality should be judged by the result (Sadeghi, Mikhail, and Shabot, 2013, P.94). The outcome proceeds with any predictions in the system. For example, if the infection rate went down 45 percent in a year, it is because of the performance or quality of healthcare heightened or improved. Reporting the percentages to show the improvement can encourage the staff to continue getting better. Improving performance can better the quality of healthcare for patients. It can not only keep the facility in good standard but keep the patients safer.

2. Brittany

With working in health care it is important to understand that all actions play a major role in the quality of care provided to the patient. I have currently been working in the health care industry for almost three years as a medical laboratory scientist and have seen first hand how performance reporting procedures have affected patient care. When individuals enter into a health care facility their main priority is to return to a healthier life. As health care workers, our main concern should be providing the best care, communicating effectively, and sincerely caring for the patient in their time of need. In my field of work I test and result patient chemistry lab values. Often times I must call a critical lab result to a nurse or doctor. When doing this I have noticed that some nurses showed a lack of urgency. Critical lab values are very urgent and are indicative of the patient experiences high chemistry levels which can cause more complications. It is imperative that these results get communicated properly and in a timely manner so that issues with the patient can be addressed. Failure to do so could ultimately result in the patient’s death. From my experiences in health care, I do believe that some parts of poor quality are due to inadequate reporting procedures. I also believe that lack of motivation, personal issues, and stress play a factor into poor quality of services provided. It is our duty as health care workers to always do our best no matter the situation. We must also understand that communication is the key to a successful business.

3. Gertrude

Hello all,

Matthew 5:48 states that, “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect”. Perfection in this life means developing all of one’s faculties, and practicing all the virtues, especially the theological virtues of faith, hope and charity, and the moral virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. Christian Health administrators should try to make quality and performance improvement perfect and not simply just acceptable.

When they strive to make the healthcare perfect, Christian administrators can assure quality of life in healthcare delivery systems by making sure that there is accessibility and availability of both the hospital and the physician for anyone who requires healthcare services regardless of their background . As Christian we must observe the equality of brotherhood. The scripture says that all people are equal before God. The teachings of Jesus make this clear. The greatest commandment is to love and worship God, but the second greatest is “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31).

A true Christian is completely unselfish. This is a person who puts the needs of others before his/her own . Christian healthcare administrators striving for perfection will get involved with patient centered care. They will ensure that the patients get the care they need hence improve their quality of life. Christianity is synonymous with serving and giving – giving of everything we have, both of spiritual and earthly goods. This is the essence of love. ( Romans 15:2,7)

4. Andrew

In the book of Colossians the Bible speaks about obeying your supervisor not only when their eyes are on you or to win favor but it’s important to do your job as you are working to please the Lord. With that mindset it challenges all believers to work as ethically and effectively as possible. We understand that no one is perfect and mistakes are prone to happen as we are humans. However God challenges us to do our best at our best. The question is, should Christian health administrators try to make quality and performance improvement perfect or simply acceptable? The direct answer to that is we should work in the direction of perfection. I remember a “saying reach for the sky and if you don’t reach the sky at least she will end up on top”. I feel that we should attempt to reach perfection but earning acceptable is OK. I also support the performance reviews and attempts to approve as it will challenge not only Christian workers but staff in general to do better. I believe there’s always room for improvement and development so being perfect at a job is not possible. Healthcare industry is the most important industries where Services is applied to patients clients or customers. The effort of quality care can determine life or death for a person. This is a serious charge or obligation and simply doing acceptable work can cause a negative outcome.

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