literary essay on romeo and juliet

literary essay on romeo and juliet

Respond to the following in the form of a literary essay. Your essay should consist of at least five paragraphs.

William Shakespeare incorporates a number of important themesinto Romeo and Juliet. Some of the most prominent themes in the play address love’s power, the power of fate, the danger of haste, and the collision of opposites.Shakespeare conveys his message about these themes through the words of the characters, the events of the plot, and the various motifs that recur in the work.

***Choose one of the central themes of Romeo and Juliet and trace it throughout the play, explaining not only what message Shakespeare conveys but how he manages to convey it.

Alternative suggestion: Choose three themes (from those above) that are prevalent in the play, then the thesis would suggest the three you will be discussing in the body.

Cite specific examples from the play in your response. You will need a minimum of one quote/ mini-quote per body paragraph. Use the notes you take in the Student Guide and the questions you answer as you read and complete the lessons to help you formulate your response.

Word Count: 900–1,500—I want 5 paragraphs…well-developed…thesis at the end of the introduction and the beginning of the conclusion…each body paragraph has to reflect/state the part of the thesis being discussed and each body paragraph has to have at least one quote to support what you’re saying. Do not dump quotes… incorporating quotes…

At their discretion, teachers may deduct 10 percent of the total score for submissions that do not meet the length requirement.

**Sample thesis: One of the most prevalent themes in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is the theme of the danger of haste as it is shown through the actions of Tybalt,Romeo, and Friar Laurence.—at least one quote per body paragraph.

**Sample thesis: Three themes that are exhibited throughout Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare are the power of love, the danger of haste, and the power of fate.—at least one quote per body paragraph

Quoting:  do not dump quotes– INCORPORATION OF QUOTES

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