i need answers for 8 question and i need you to write a journal

i need answers for 8 question and i need you to write a journal


i need you to read these articles : 

“Los Intersticios” by Evelyn Alsultany
“Shades of Belonging” by Sonya Tafoya
“Asian American?” by Sonia Shah
“The Myth of the Model Minority” by Noy Thrupkaew
“Personal Voices” by Carrie Ching

then answer these questions : 


Also, i need you to write a journal 300-600 words about : 

The readings in Parts II and III of your textbook argue that racism is a contemporary problem in the United States, not a historical one. Many of the selections describe ongoing differences in outcomes across races, including on such measures as education and income. Since it has been conclusively demonstrated that “race” is not a biological concept that could account for such vast differences in ability, it must be that such disparity is the result of how institutions function and how individuals behave. While some whites report that they do not seem to benefit from the power-imbalance described in these writings, and thus argue that they have no share in the blame for the persistence of racial inequality, some authors point out that the benefits of whiteness may be invisible to those who redeem them. In her essay entitled “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack,” for example, Peggy McIntosh provides a list of advantages to being white that many people benefit from, even unknowingly. Read this list. Have you enjoyed such benefits? Do you think you enjoyed these benefits because of your race? If you have not enjoyed such benefits, do you think that racism is to blame? Based on your perspective as a result of all of the assigned readings, do you see racism as a comtemporary problem in America? Why or why not?

Thano you 

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