how does time middle schoolers spend using ipads impact their mental well being social relationships and physical activities- College Paper Lab |

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how does time middle schoolers spend using ipads impact their mental well being social relationships and physical activities- College Paper Lab |

he paper will contain at least four points:

  1. A well developed and complex thesis statement.
  2. An analysis of a major question about an issue you have selected. Include and integrate comments and observations from at least five sources. Use MLA style for in text citation.
  3. Strong topic sentences, use concrete nouns, active verbs, edit for readability, and correct MLA format.
  4. A Works Cited page. Use MLA guidelines for correct documentation form. Do not use or other automatic citation programs unless you are prepared to correct their mistakes.

Any student not preparing 1) the Narrowing Your topic, annotated bibliography in MLA format, and The Developing your thesis Work sheet will be penalized 10 points from the grade of the final draft.

Any paper submitted for any reason after the due date will be penalized ½ a letter grade for each calendar day it is late. NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 11:59 PM on May 13.

Basic Rubric

Engaging and interesting Introduction and Conclusion

10 pts

Complex Thesis Statement

20 pts

Body Paragraphs—topic sentences, good evidence, good transitions

30 pts

At least Four scholarly sources

12 pts

Correct in parenthetical in-text citations

8 pts

Works Cited page

10 pts

Grammar, Mechanics, and General MLA Format

10 pts


100 pts



In between the choosing of a topic and the final typing of the last revision lie a series of skills which, if learned thoroughly, might well be the most important and most permanent academic possession acquired in college. Specifically, you need to learn how to: delve deeply into a topic; find and select raw data; reflect, speculate, and mediate upon implications and relationships; glimpse and follow insights; establish logical categories; organize an outline; think and write with clarity and precision; and revise.

Make the writing of every paper an exercise to develop these skills.

Steps In Writing The Research Paper

  1. Choose your subject
  2. Narrow your subject
  3. Provide a focus for narrowing material
  4. Find references and select bibliography—Submit your “Developing a Thesis Worksheet” and “Annotated Bibliography”
  5. Gather notes
  6. Categorize notes
  7. Decide upon an approach and point of view to gain control over your material
  8. Draw up a detailed outline
  9. Write a detailed outline
  10. Make a clear copy
  11. Leave for a day
  12. Edit your work-go over your paper four times
  13. First, reposition paragraphs and sentences
  14. Second, add and delete material to achieve balance and to advance the stated objective of your paper
  15. Third, look to insert transitional words and phrases
  16. Fourth, read the paper aloud
  17. Make a copy
  18. Know rules for using quotations
  19. Know how to make a Works Cited Page
  20. Final Check and Submit to Canvas

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