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help with a discussion question 2- College Paper Lab |

This is not a paper, provide your answer under each title section, APA format, references and answer the questions complete.

1. Title: Cultures and Goals

Now that we have a better understanding of the role a culture can play in swaying an organization’s goals into a path of failure, I give you the following tasks:


Identify one experience personally or professionally where you have identified a culture in which you felt did not fit your moral and/or ethical beliefs. Discuss how this culture affected you or how you thought it affected those within that organization in a negative way. This example could be through personal experiences on the job or maybe brought to you through the media. Keep in mind a deviant organizational culture does not have to be as large as NOPD’s persistent police force issues, sometimes smaller, more contained cultural problems such as academic and ethnical barriers can have a significant impact on an organization’s efficiency and credibility.


O’Hara made a good point that Ray Nagin, the previous Mayor of New Orleans was more business-minded and tended to leave his police department alone. In turn, some believed that the NOPD would revert back to their old ways with deviant cultures and the after math of Hurricane Katrina proved that to be a correct notion to an extent. Take a step out of the role of a commissioner or sheriff and consider yourself the mayor or city manager tasked with overseeing the police agency and YOUR appointed police chief among all of your other city planning and budgeting responsibilities. One who must answer for the city’s affairs and must be able to defend appointments at will. What approach would you take to ensure that deviant organizational cultures were controlled so that larger city goals could be met? Try to create a linkage between management policies and the need for transparency between the city council and police department.

2. Title: Culture Matters

Cultural values employees bring with them into the workplace get expressed as attitudes and behaviors that influence how the job gets done, often negatively. Culture also arises on the job to influence employee attitudes, behaviors and performance, also quite often in negative ways. For each case from this week’s readings that is listed below, identify whether the behaviors and attitudes that produced workplace problems resulted from cultural practices learned on the job or cultural practices brought into the organization or both. Write a couple of sentences justifying each choice in light of the information you’ve gleaned from the readings.

  • The Buddy Boys

  • The Felonious Officers of Ramparts

  • The Serial-Molesting Pennsylvania Trooper
  • The Airline Pilots of Korea

  • The Officer Culture Kelling Describes

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