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Must be 5 distinct paragraphs. No more No less. There is specific information that needs to be in each paragraph. If your format is incorrect then the information will be incorrectly placed. And that will affect your grade.

When I look at your paper the first thing that I am going to do is count out5 paragraphs

If I see less than 5 points will be lost. If there are more. The additional paragraphs will not be graded.

So pay attention to your format.

Paragraph 1

  • You must discuss what is your Career Choice
  • Not Your Major
  • You must discuss WHY? You have chosen this career.
  • And a thesis statement: what the reader can expect to read in the rest of the paper.

Ex. The following paragraphs will show how I plan to achieve my career goal.

Paragraph 2

  • In this paragraph you need to discuss the following.
  • The type & level of degree needed for your career choice.
  • What are the daily job duties & responsibilities related to the career.
  • Potential pay scale related to the career
  • Employment Outlook
  • In this paragraph you must have at least 2 in text cited sources from which you gathered the information.
  • Required Source is the GCIS Georgia Career Information Systems (I will show you how to access it)
  • Must follow MLA format
  • Review the Library Orientation Video in the portal ( to assist in maneuvering through the online library for your research)

GCIS Username: georgiamilitary PW:gcis846

Paragraph 3

  • Discuss how your assumptions related to your career, connect/disconnect, with the information you learned about your career from your research.
  • Discuss how the information has impacted your thinking related to your chosen career

Paragraph 4 Plan

  • Now that you have done the research and know what you need to put in place to walk into your career. Show me time.
  • Ex. Fall2015 1st quarter @ GMC. Plan to transfer to UGA by no later than Fall 2016.projected graduation from UGA 2018. Start required internship by Jan.2019. After the completion of internship I plan to be employed full time as a ???in New Mexico by 2021

You must show the progression step by step in time

Paragraph 5

  • Conclusion
  • You are to talk about your projected personal outcomes once you achieve your career.
  • In other words tell us what you are expecting your life to be like & look like in the future.

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