for this week s assignment please see below- College Paper Lab |

College Paper Lab

for this week s assignment please see below- College Paper Lab |

Assignment Instructions:

Please select your Capstone Project Topic idea paper by submitting a topic based on previous research and coursework that you have completed in Cybersecurity or on a Cybersecurity topic that peaks your interest. Your topic needs to be closely related to at least one of the course objectives (listed below for your convenience). Your Capstone Project Topic paper will be analyzed to determine if it meets the criteria for a full Capstone project. If it does, you will be permitted to begin fleshing out your final Capstone Project that will be due in Week # 8. If your project topic requires further work or needs to be changed altogether, you will be notified as such.


  1. 4 – 6 Pages in length in APA format (not including a cover page and reference section)
  2. Papers need to be double spaced and in 12 point times new roman font
  3. Cover Page
  4. Introduction
  5. Review of Literature (it will need to be detailed enough to determine that you have enough background for a topic that is sufficient for a 35 page Capstone project)
  6. Reference Section (you will need at least 10 references – for the final Capstone Project Paper you will need 20)


  1. Use current and real-world data to make your points, not just the textbook.
  2. Your references should not be more than 5 years old.
  3. Your Capstone Project Topic assignment is due by Sunday not later than 11:55 p.m. Eastern time.


CO-1: Examine the various aspects of cybersecurity including the relationship between cyber defense, cyber operations, cyber exploitations, cyber intelligence, cybercrime, Cyberlaw within Federal and State Laws

CO-2: Deconstruct the processes and goals of cyber forensics investigations including the importance of search warrants and chain of custody in a forensic investigation of computer-related crimes

CO-3: Prepare a plan to manage functions that encompass overseeing a program or technical aspect of a security program at a high level ensuring currency with changing risk and threat environments.

CO-4: Prepare a plan to design functions that encompass scoping a program or developing procedures, processes, and architectures that guide work execution at the program and/or system level.

CO-5: Develop strategies and plans for security architecture consisting of tools, techniques, and technologies to detect and prevent network penetration, and to design effective cybersecurity countermeasures.

CO-6: Develop a policy to analyze network designs, topologies, architectures, protocols, communications, administration, operations, and resource management for wired, wireless, and satellite networks that affect the security of the cyberspace.

CO-7: Develop a policy to implement functions that encompass putting programs, processes, or policies into action within an organization.

CO-8: Prepare a plan to evaluate functions that encompass assessing the effectiveness of a program, policy, process, or security service in achieving its objectives.

I would like my topic to be wannacry ransomware and I think it will fit in with CO-1. Let me know what you think. if not let’s see which CO goes best wannacry ransomware

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