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final exam 216- College Paper Lab |

This assignment is not timed, but it is due no later than 7:00 a.m. on Friday, May 22.

1. Read “COVID-19 Is Making Our Food Waste Problem Even Worse” – PDF or if you are reading it on your phone, you can click on “COVID-19 Is Making Our Food Waste Problem Even Worse” – mobile (Links to an external site.).

If you want to listen to me read it, you can click on the video here – “COVID-19 audio. (Links to an external site.)

I also added a short grammar highlight at the end. I thought it might help understand the paragraph that it came from.

2. Here are the questions for the reading. They are not required, and I don’t give you the answers, but they should help guide you through the reading. And at the end I add some questions to help you think through the genre, audience, and purpose.

3. Here is the prompt for the essay on a PDF file. I’m also posting it below in case you prefer it that way. They are the same.

4. I can’t help you with the reading, the questions, or organizing your essay, but if you think I might have made a mistake somewhere, you can ask me about it. If it’s wrong, I’ll correct it. If it’s not wrong, I’ll let you know.




ESL 106 – Poupard – Spring 2020

Final Writing Exam

For this Final Writing Exam, you will read, summarize, and respond to “Covid-19 Is Making Our Food Waste Problem Even Worse” by Mike Pomranz. In your first paragraph, you will summarize Pomranz’s article. In the next paragraph, you will explain the genre, audience, and purpose of his article. Finally, in the third and final paragraph, you will respond to these questions:

In the title, the author makes a claim: COVID-19 is making our food waste problem worse. (Notice that he already assumes that his audience knows and agrees that we have a food waste problem; otherwise, “worse” doesn’t make sense.)

Does the author effectively support that claim? In other words, does he convince you that the food waste situation is worse now? Why or why not? First begin by stating your overall answer to that question (either question- they are the same question) in one sentence. Then explain one point that he gives to demonstrate how the food waste problem is worse due to COVID-19 (There may be overlap between more than one point, so you can discuss more than one if you need to.) How does he support that point? Then explain why you are or are not convinced by the point you are highlighting. These questions should be answered in one paragraph.

Your Genre: a summary response essay

Your Audience: your professor

Your Purpose: to demonstrate that you have read and understood the article, and to

demonstrate your critical thinking abilities on this issue.

Content & Organization

  1. In paragraph 1, summarize Pomranz’s article. Follow the organization that I have previously given you.
  2. In paragraph 2, explain what you think the genre, audience, and purpose are. Be sure to support each of your points. For example, if you think the genre is a blog, state that. Then support how you came to the conclusion that it is a blog. If the web address says “blog,” that’s great. Include that. But also give one or two features that the blog contains that you think represent a blog genre. Do the same for the audience and purpose.
  3. In paragraph 3, respond to the questions at the top of this page. Start with one sentence that generally answers the main question. Then explain one point that the author gives. Explain how he supports that point. Then explain why you are or are not convinced by this point. Add a sentence at the end to briefly summarize your evaluation.

Length and Format

This will be about 500 – 700 words. It will be formatted like the expository essays that you wrote previously. However, if you are having computer problems, you can write it on paper, take a picture, and submit your picture. If you do, please write neatly.

Time Schedule

May 22 at 7:00 a.m. Submit your summary response essay to Canvas no later than 7:00 a.m. on May 22. You can submit it earlier if you want.


This assignment will be graded with class rubric on the blue paper.

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