econ term paper double space

econ term paper double space

Assignment: term_paper(1).docx 

Outline: econ term paper.docx 

Native speakers with decent Econ knowledge only:

Double spaced, 12 font. 20 pages

The paper should consist of the following separate sections, in the same order as follows: 

1) An introduction: What questions does the paper try to answer? Why is it important? What has been done in the literature? What is the unique contribution of your paper? In addition, explain briefly (typically a short paragraph in the end of the introduction section) how the presentation of the paper is organized. 

2) A survey of the relevant literature: summarize the papers and the main ideas that have been explored by other authors. In some occasions, you may combine this section with the introduction. 

3) A description of your contribution. If the paper focuses on empirical analysis, this section should bear a title such as “Data and Methodology,” and should describe the source of the data and the statistical or economic methodologies used in the paper to analyze the data. If you are proposing a theory, this section should bear a title such as “The Model,” and should present the details of the theoretical model’s structure and solution methods.

4) A summary of results: present the main findings of the paper. Make sure that the presentation is precise enough so that anyone reading your paper should be able to replicate your results by using the same data and the same methodology. 

5) A conclusion: briefly summarize what has been done in your paper and what you think can be done in the future along the line of research that you have considered. 

6) A list of references: should be formatted according to the standard, as exemplified in the reading list. 

7) A list of tables and figures: clearly labeled and numbered, should be put on separate pages after the references. 

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