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The research article I chose to review was a pilot study to evaluate an outpatient service for people with advanced lung cancer by Roulston, Bickerstaff, Haynes, Rutherford, and Jones. This was both a qualitative and quantitative study. As in the article the qualitative part of the study states that, “The interview schedule incorporated semi-structured questions to explore the participants’ expectations and experiences of attending the clinic” (Roulston, Bickerstaff, Haynes, Rutherford, and Jones, 2012). The quantitative part of the study used four scoring systems, which determined their physical abilities, overall health, and their anxiety or depression levels.

The research problem I found with this article was they lacked the number of patients to appropriately conduct the study. The study started with eleven participants, but multiple participants were excluded. “Patients were excluded if they had severe mental or cognitive impairment or for other clinical reasons. Eleven new patients attended the clinic during the recruitment period (March-June2008). Four of these were excluded from the study for clinical reasons and one refused to consent, so six took part in a baseline questionnaire. A further one patient was excluded at follow-up, and so five patients were included in the sample” (Roulston, Bickerstaff, Haynes, Rutherford, and Jones, 2012). They also only used participants that were Caucasian and 18 years or older in the study, which eliminated the results of children or other ethnicities that could potentially benefit from the Breathing Space clinic.

The purpose and objective of this study was to determine the quality of life, different emotions, moods, expectations, and experiences that these patients with lung cancer had while attending the Breathing Space clinic in a 4-week period.

The hypothesis of the research was the hopes that patients’ anxiety, depression, and the quality of life would improve with the Breathing Space clinic.

The credibility and validity of the study was that they did use qualitative and quantitative measurements to conduct this research study. “The preliminary findings indicate the feasibility of using validated measurement scales in routine practice, which may inform care planning and clinical interventions”. They also used four scoring systems to help determine the outcomes.

Roulton, A., Bickerstaff, D., Haynes, T., Rutherford, L., & Jones, L. (2012). A pilot study to evaluate an outpatient service for people with advanced lung cancer. International Journal of Palliative Nursing, 18(5), 225-233. Retrieved May 26, 2020, from http://eds.a.ebscohost.com.southuniversity.library…

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