create an abstract about race theory include the annotated bibliography sources in the abstract please- College Paper Lab |

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create an abstract about race theory include the annotated bibliography sources in the abstract please- College Paper Lab |

Cabrera, Nolan L. “Where is the Racial Theory in Critical Race Theory?: A constructive criticism of the Crits.” The Review of Higher Education 42.1 (2018): 209-233.

The article offers an overview about critical race theory and its application in theoretical framework. In working through the conceptual tensions of CRT, the author adds hegemonic Whiteness to the tenets of CRT in widening the study of race and racism through the lenses of CRT. The basic tenets of CRT identified are racism as normal, interest convergence, social constructions, intersectionality and unique voices of color. A deep analysis of the tenets potentially creates an understanding about race and racism in the American society as viewed from the perspective of the critical race theory.

Allen, Megan. “Processes of Racialization through Media Depictions of Transracial Violence.” Undergraduate Review, 2016: 12, 7-18.

In this review, Megan explores racialization in media coverage of whites and blacks in violent events. The extrajudicial killings of minority Americans are evidence of ongoing racial inequality, of which the right-wing whites do not see the seriousness of race. The author utilizes the critical race theory in creating an understanding that race and racism are active social processes. In the literature review section, the article delves deep into the critical race theory and how it has been framed. Society is divided at all levels along racial lines, and critical race theory examines the intersections between race, law and power in media, education and social/political/economic realms. An understanding of CRT is critical in having insights about the existence of race and racism in the society.

Walton, Sean. “Why the critical race theory concept of ‘White supremacy ‘should not be dismissed by neo-Marxists: Lessons from contemporary Black radicalism.” Power and Education 12.1 (2020): 78-94.

Malton posits that critical race theory as a concept of “White supremacy” should not be taken lightly by the neo-Marxists based on the contemporary Black radicalism. “White supremacy” as alluded by some neo-Marxists can be replaced with “racialization” that is entrenched in capitalist modes of production with political, historical and economic anchorage. However, “White supremacy” is a historical, economic and political reality that should not be dismissed but be incorporated in exploring racism in the context of Blacks radicalism.

Hurtado, Aída. “Critical Race Theory and Questioning Whiteness: Young Feminists Speak Out Against Race and Class Privilege.” Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies 40.3 (2019): 90-116.

Aida explores the critical race theory in depth in how it explains oppression in the context of race privilege. She goes further to question whiteness in conjunction with race privilege as well as intersectionality. The article provides an overview of whiteness as attributed to political and structural forces that have been in existence in history, with insights about critical race theory that can be applied in other fields of social sciences.


-An abstract in the academic world is a one-page document (around 300 words) that explains the project you will be working on. In other guises, it might be a cover letter. Each abstract should have three parts, and a title would be nice.

Part one: The Claim– it should still be opinionated, provable and provocative.

Part two: A short summary of what you’ll be exploring and hoping to prove.

Part three: Resources: This is the research and theories you’ll use to prove your point

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