choose one sti or std and write 3 5 pages follow the description below- College Paper Lab |

College Paper Lab

choose one sti or std and write 3 5 pages follow the description below- College Paper Lab |

Select a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and do research on it. Write a 3-5 page paper about the condition/issue. In the paper discuss the concepts below:

  • What is the pathophysiology of one STI
  • What is the etiology of the selected STI
  • What are the clinical manifestations of the selected STI
  • What is the treatment for the selected STI

Use 2-3 evidence-based articles from peer-reviewed journals or scholarly sources to support your findings. Be sure to cite your sources in-text and on a References page using APA format.

Transmitted Disease Chosen

Pathophysiology of (STI)*change

A basic research paper consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion.The introductory paragraph presents the topic of the paper and typically summarizes the main points and ends with a thesis. For the most part, Professor Goedel does not require an introduction or conclusion paragraph, unless otherwise stated or causes your writings to end abruptly (E. Goedel, personal communication, April 1, 2020).

Etiology of (STI)*change

The body of the paper covers the main points and normally includes citations to sources that support your claims and information. Assure that you review how to write in-text citations using APA 6th edition rules. These can be found at the following link:… (APA, 2010). The body of the paper should be separated by headers and sub-headers. Headers are created out of the questions being asked in the assignment. The question is reworded into a short bullet statement.

Clinical Manifestations of (STI)*change

Treatment of (STI)*change

Sub-Header Common Mistakes

Assure that your writing consists of complete/full sentences and avoid writing in bullet statements. Some common mistake writers make include the use of contractions (e.g. can’t) and writing in the first person (e.g. I, we, etc.). These rules can be difficult to follow at first, but practice makes perfect.


Papers should end with a conclusion.Conclusions normally summarize the main points that were addressed, without introducing new content. This allows your reader to recap the purpose of the paper and assures that it does not end abruptly. In many cases, a good conclusion paragraph allows readers to skip the entirety of the paper and grasp all main points the writer is trying to make.

Reference Information

The final portion of the paper is the references list.The references list gives complete information about all of the sources that are cited in the paper.

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