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Instructions: For response 1-2, respond thoughtfully. Just saying “I agree” or “I disagree” does not constitute a thoughtful response. They need to be substantive to promote further discussion, new ideas, or questions and are at least 150-350 words and meaningful sentences that are also professionally written. State your opinion. Do you agree with them? If so why or why not?


1. Look online and choose a famous business leader that is well known to have great leadership.

A famous business leader that is well known to have great leadership is Tim Cook. Tim Cook is an american business executive and a industrial engineer. Tim Cook is the chief executive officer of the famous Apple Inc. Tim Cook joined the incorporation of Apple in March 1998 as a Senior Vice President and also as the Executive Vice President. Tim Cook serves the board of directions for other corporations like Nike Inc, The National Football Foundation, and he is a trustee at the University of Duke.

1a How does/did this person lead?

Tim Cook lead Apple Inc by becoming the Chief Executive on August 24, 2011. Tim Cook became the Chief Executive after Steve Jobs resigned as CEO and became the chairman of the board. Steve Jobs had passed away 6 weeks later on October 5th 2011 due to Pancreatic Cancer. Tim Cook and Steve Jobs had a really strong partnership and overcame all the distractions Apple has had. In April 2012, Tim Cook was included in Times and was listed as one of the 100 most influential people in the world list.

1b List qualities this person has/had ?

Tim Cook is a famous business leader and has important qualities such as taking risks. A great business leader must believe in themselves and trust themselves that they are making the right decision. Tim Cook had his career this way ever since the passing of Steve Jobs the Co-founder of Apple. Tim Cook had to make his own decisions on how he wanted to continue the journey for the Apple Inc. He had to trust the people around him and focus and listen to what they had to say moving forward.

1c How did the employees like working for this leader?

Employees liked working for Tim Cook because he acknowledged work that was well done. Tim Cook took the time to praise the individuals that have preformed over the expectations. Tim Cook starts working earlier than Steve jobs did. Tim is always included in operations and divides his time towards the matters of the operations. Tim Cook has helped navigate Apple through the transitions after Steve Jobs had passed away and has developed new products and opening new Apple retail stores worldwide.

2. Find the opposite- Look online and choose a famous business leader that is well known to have terrible business leadership.

A famous business leader that is known for having terrible business leadership is Travis Kalanick CEO of Uber. Travis Kalanick founder Uber in the year of 2009. This idea was very disruptive to other companies that are in the car delivery industry like the taxi industry. Travis Kalanick launched his business first and dealt with the regulations later. Travis Kalanick has had some big mistakes take off on his business.

2a How does/did this person lead?

Travis Kalanick is not really a good leader. Travis would do something wrong and he’s not the type to admit it and apologize for his actions. Travis Kalanick did not want to part or collaborate with a third party. Travis Kalanick had an A team of executives that were friends of Travis and no matter what they did wrong, they were untouchable. This wasn’t fair to the other employees because if they made a mistake they would be fired and wouldn’t have a second chance.

2b List qualities this person has/had ?

Travis Kalanick’s qualities are not too great. Travis is considered as a toxic boss. The company Uber has had some critical situations and cases such as Sexual Harassment, Temper Tantrums, and aggressive disgruntled drivers. He would blame others and not himself if something went wrong with the company. He doesn’t own up to his mistakes, showing that he is not a responsible business leader.

2c How did the employees like working for this leader?

Some Employees didn’t really like working for Travis Kalanick. Some employees believed that it was very toxic to work for Uber especially the women employees. Employees that worked for Uber weren’t happy employees. Travis Kalanick needs to build a way better relationship with his employees and set a basic set of rules. Travis needs to improve his relations with his employees and let them have a say how to improve and better his company.

3. What can you do to boost your success at a job interview?

To boost your success at a job interview it is best to research the company or job that you are getting interviewed by. It is best to show up to your interview earlier than the time they have assigned for you. Dressing properly and nice has a big impact on how they see you. The best way to have success in a job interview is just to be yourself. Pretending or lying about yourself is not a good example and it will just make you look foolish. Being honest and 100% with them will make them trust you and believe you.

4. Why is it important for Human Resources to best match an employee’s personality to a job type/department?

It is important for Employees personality to match with the Human Resources because customer service is the top priority. Departments or jobs want their employees to work hard and help their customers when they are in need of help. It is important for employees to communicate and have a hard work ethic. Jobs that have employees that match there Human Resources usually have good customer service. Companies want employees who are willing to help and have smiles on their faces.

5. List some incentives on the job, that you would like to have?

I plan on working for a car dealership and i hope as a incentive that i receive bonus checks after selling a car. Another incentive that i hope to receive is an employee of the month award. Having my face on the award would give me so much more motivation to sell more cars and work harder to try to receive more awards of the month. Incentives in car dealerships give their employees a discount when they want to buy a car from the dealership and lower the price. This gives there employees perks and discounts and motivates them to keep on working for them.


1. Look online and choose a famous business leader that is well known to have great leadership.

1a. How does/did this person lead?

In my perspective Tony Robbins is one the greatest influential leaders of all time. He is definitely a transformational and charismatic leader.

1b. List qualities this person has/had?

Tony Robbins, (a professional life coach), consistently and publicly leads his companies with a strong sense of purpose and instills a culture centralized around giving first. He is supportive, inspirational, intelligent, ethical, empathetic, and impactful.

1c. How did the employees like working for this leader?

From the employees I have personally spoke with, I have heard nothing but great things about Tony and his organization, Robbins Research International. They are in the business of helping people create better life’s for themselves. Hard to help over people, if you yourself do not practice what you preach. Employees all get great benefits and ESOP.

2. Find the opposite- Look online and choose a famous business leader that is well known to have terrible business leadership.

2a. How does/did this person lead?

Since I don’t personally follow “leaders” with poor public persona’s, I’m finding this surprising hard to answer. Considering that in order for a person to be considered a “famous business leader” they had to have been great in some aspect. I see many blogs talking about, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google, being “toxic” workplaces, but I find that hard to believe considering the amount of people that want to work for these big tech businesses. If the businessman or woman has terrible business leadership than more likely than not, the business failed, and we won’t hear about them. This is not to say that many executives and managers have not committed while collar crime.

2b. List qualities this person has/had?

I came across the CEO of Heinz and Kraft Foods, Bernardo Hees. It mentioned that he was “more stockholder-friendly than consumer or employee-friendly”. It seems he valued money and success on paper more than he valued the overall culture and employee satisfaction.

2c. How did the employees like working for this leader?

The article mentions that Hees, implemented “insane policies such as prohibiting employees from bringing rival food products to work, or having more than two personal items on their desks (to reduce detractions)”. These restrictive policies likely made the company an unpleasant place to work. Bernardo Hees has a 24% approval rating on Glassdoor.

Based on Ch 10

3. What can you do to boost your success at a job interview?

Some methods that will likely increase interview success; research the company you are interviewing. Understand the specific job you are applying for and make sure your answer aligns well with what the company is looking for. Speak in term of value. For instance, I’ve been told when writing my resume and answering interview question to think in terms of PAR. What problem (P) was presented, what action (A) did I take to address the problem, and what result (R) was I able to produce? Punctuality is important, and be professional at all times. Asking good questions has also been known to help show the interviewer that you are interested in learning more about the company. You’re essentially trying to sell yourself. You are the product and the firm is the buyer. Why should the company buy your services? What value do you bring to the table? What problem do you solve that warrants that additional expense?

4. Why is it important for Human Resources to best match an employee’s personality to a job type/department?

It’s important for the HR department to match an employee’s personality type with a job so that there is a high likelihood of job satisfaction. They want to make sure that the person they are having fill a specific role has characteristic of people who have had success in the role before. They also want to make sure that the person being considered is compatible with the existing team. According to Myers-Briggs (yes, I paid for myself and my team to take the tests) my personality type is INTJ (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking and Judging). I recently interviewed with Robbins Research and I had to take an in. house personality test.

5. List some incentives on the job, that you would like to have?

Opportunity to grow is a huge incentive for me at this point in my life. Desired Incentives will likely change as I continue to grow. I literally just got done conducting a virtual interview with a financial firm in San Diego. They told me that I do not have the technical skills that the position requires, however they are impressed with my hunger to grow. They are carving out a special program for me so I can develop the skills they are looking for. I can get paid to learn what I already want to learn. That is a huge plus in my perspective. They are willing to give me a chance to prove myself, grow and contribute. Finances are also important for me, I’m young (getting older) and need to start developing financial stability and plan/save for my future.

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