answer my question about the earth

answer my question about the earth

8. Altocumulus and altostratus clouds usually bring which of the following types of weather?   sunny skies

  light snow or rain

  heavy snow or rain

  cold, windy conditions

Question 9.9. Which of the following statements best explains why a city on the windward side of a mountain gets more precipitation than one on the leeward side of the mountain?

  Warm, moist air rises and loses its moisture.

  Cool, dry air descends and loses its moisture.

  Cool, dry air rises and loses its moisture.

  Warm, moist air descends and loses its moisture.

Question 11.11. Which of the following would be most useful for determining the presence of a tornado? 


  Doppler radar

  weather satellite

  weather balloon

Question 12.12. Meteorologists are studying the increase in temperature over North America over the past decade. What are they studying? 


  barometric pressure


  cloud formation

Question 13.13. Miami is a city in the Southeast region of the United States, and Seattle is a city in the Pacific Northwest. Which statement about the climate in these two cities is not true?

  Miami has a tropical temperature profile, while Seattle does not.

  Both cities have a maritime temperature profile.

  Miami is in a region called Tornado Alley, while Seattle is not in that region.

  Miami has more thunderstorms that Seattle.

Question 14.14. Supercells are updrafts that may cause which of the following?





Question 15.15. Which of the following explains why the Pacific Northwest receives so much precipitation?


  lake effect

  converging warm and cold air masses

  orographic uplift

Question 16.16. A stationary front is the starting point in the formation of which of the following?   


  tropical cyclone

  midlatitude cyclone


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