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5 questions 36- College Paper Lab | collegepaperslab.com

Watch the video on YouTube Albee’s The Zoo Story . I recommend you re-read the script to answer these questions as the play is layered and it will likely be tough to unravel it after a single reading. Remember to answer thoroughly and reference the play to support your responses.

** Note: It’s likely that you can find the answers to some if not all of my questions online without having even read the play. This would be a disservice to yourself, your decision to invest your time and money into your college education and a missed opportunity to learn and discover something about yourself.

1. After Jerry is stabbed, Albee gives a director’s note that Jerry’s screams “must be the sound of an infuriated and fatally wounded animal.” Why do you suppose Albee insisted on this direction?

2. What is the significance of the dog story?

3. List three examples of Jerry’s self awareness. Remember, self awareness means being aware of your own actions and how they affect the world around you. It’s internal insight. So realizing you’re in Central Park would not be self awareness in this context.

4. Jerry says that the combination of kindness and cruelty create the “teaching emotion”. What do you think he means by this?

5. Why do you think the play is titled The Zoo Story?

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