​Project #1: Employment Package

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Project #1: Employment Package

This project asks that you prepare several elements of an employment package. As you begin the later part of your education, it is important to develop hiring materials that will help you develop your brand, sell yourself as an employee, and persuade others to connect with you via social media and other networking platforms.

In this assignment, you will prepare:

  1. A resume. This resume should be designed as a “boiler plate” resume. This means that this resume will be a standard resume which you can alter, add to, and tailor to whatever job you may be applying for once you graduate. Be sure to review resumes that are standard in your field before completing this component. However, your final resume must be either a chronological resume, a functional resume, or a hybrid resume. No templates are permitted for this assignment. Develop your own style, design, and organization based on industry standards and the examples we review in class. Your resume will be no longer than one page. ( i have one would you be able to check it out to see if it meets the requirement)
  2. A LinkedIn Profile Summary. Your LinkedIn Profile Summary is an important, but often overlooked, section of your LinkedIn Profile. For this part of the employment package, you will write a LinkedIn Profile Summary that appeals to leaders in your industry, potential future employers, and others in your field with whom you would like to get to know. Consider developing your brand here as well. Linked profile summaries should beno more than 2000 characters long. Keep in mind that you don’t need a LinkedIn Profile to complete this assignment, but it would be in your best interest to familiarize yourself with this platform before beginning. ( i have started it can you add to it?)
  3. A blog post. Blogging is a dynamic business tool. You can share information on trends in your industry, update customers about changes to your business, or share your interest in a field you are looking to break into. In this component of the Employment Package, you will further develop your professional brand by composing a blog post suitable for publication on LinkedIn. This blog post should be written with an online audience in mind, adhering to web writing principles discussed in class. Your content should be based on your field of study or the industry you imagine yourself to be in after graduation. Remember that blog posts must be compelling—online readers rarely spend much time on content that doesn’t interest them. Your blog post for this assignment must be at least 500 words long.


Your Employment Package will be graded on the following:


  • Is the resume either a chronological, hybrid, or functional resume? Are design principlesfully integrated?
  • Is the resume easy to read, skim, and visually appealing? Does it make good use of whitespace?
  • Is the font between 10-12-point size? Does it use standard, professional font?
  • Is the resume designed for the industry or field in which it will need to persuade?
  • Is the support used in the resume measurable and accomplishment focused?
  • Has the resume been thoroughly edited, revised, and proofread?
  • Does the author make good use of power verbs and parallel structure?
  • Is all contact information easy to locate?
  • Is the resume structured and organized logically?
  • Are bulleted lists used correctly?
  • Does the resume avoid lengthy descriptions or paragraph structure?LinkedIn Profile Summary:
  • Is the LinkedIn Profile Summary clear, concise, and persuasive?
  • Does it promote a clear brand (your brand)?
  • Does it adhere to the content guidelines outlined in our course materials?
  • Is the LinkedIn Profile Summary limited to 2,000 characters only? Are the first two linesattention grasping and persuasive?
  • Have you considered the rhetorical situation? Is the LinkedIn Profile Summary writtenfor a specific online audience? Is it persuasive?
  • Have you polished and proofread your writing?Blog Post:
  • Is the blog at least 500 words?
  • Have you considered the rhetorical situation when writing your blog? Who is youraudience? What is the context in which your blog will be published?
  • Does the blog contribute to a professional network or community? Is the purpose ofyour blog clear?
  • Is the topic appropriate and compelling?
  • Is the language, tone, and style appropriate to the audience, context, and text?
  • Is the blog designed for easy online reading, accessibility, and usability?
  • Has the blog been revised, edited, and proofread?


Please compile all three components into one document with a page break in between each piece of your employment package.

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